Today, organizations across the U.S. position themselves to speak on behalf of individuals with disabilities (diverseABILITIES) -- but data shows that those individuals are not represented as employees in an inclusive workforce. In fact, so many businesses have no viable avenues for these individuals to secure meaningful and competitive employment. That is where UNTAPPED comes in.
UNTAPPED is an occupational justice movement focused on empowering individuals, age 14 through adulthood, with diverseABILITIES towards a path of self-determination, self-advocacy, and financial independence. UNTAPPED is a transformative person-centered service aimed at establishing a viable, efficient, and successful job placement with indispensable supports throughout their career journey.
What makes our approach so transformative? In UNTAPPED, the individuals of the diverseABLED population are integrated into all stages of delivering services that lead to career success.
Further development of these ideas to follow in upcoming postings! For more information, contact Erin White-Canales at erinwc@lsg4schools.org, Nathan Winham at nathan@lsg4schools.org, or Colin Baugh at colin@lsg4schools.org.
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Jayson, happy finding employment after years of poor matches!
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