About LSG & Associates, Inc

We know student services can be better. That’s why we recruit and employ experienced, committed professionals who are passionate about improving outcomes for all children and all staff/systems. Our new Non Profit status allows us to receive donations and apply for grants to meet our mission of serving disadvantaged children and enhancing skills of community teachers and newly licensed professionals.
Our quality providers, many of whom are or have been school and district leaders, believe in the power of a student-focused, strength-based approach, and that those who serve students deserve the training proven to improve student performance.
LSG and Associates Inc takes the work out of finding professionals with proven experience, current licensure, knowledge of best practices, and the willingness to serve around the state of New Mexico. We can find your perfect fit.
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LSG & Associates Inc

10320 Cottonwood Park NW, Suite A.
Albuquerque, NM 87114